If you are interested in single estate coffee, then you clearly have very high standards in the quality of the beans you enjoy every morning. To get the very best out of the highest quality, single estate coffee beans, you will need to use only the best brewing methods, which we intend to detail in later posts.

For now, we want to provide you with a brief introduction to tried and tested coffee brewing methods. Remember, the single most important component of your cup of coffee is the quality of the coffee beans. Here at Bean Bros Coffee, we only sell the very highest quality, single estate coffee beans, which are then roasted by the the world’s best roast masters.

The most common methods of brewing coffee are:


Espresso is made by pushing hot water through compacted, ground coffee, usually with a steam-pressure driven machine. Espresso is highly concentrated, and features an abundance of body, flavor and aroma. It also has high levels of coffee oils and solids.

The most distinctive aspect of espresso? That is the foamy layer on top, called the Crema, followed by the low volume of the cup itself. Pulling a great shot of espresso requires knowledge and training.


Aeropress is a manual coffee brewing method that allows the user to use pressure to brew a cup of coffee. This method requires you to steep the coffee briefly, and then push water through the coffee grounds with pressure. This extracts more solids and caffeine for a very strong coffee with much body. It is quite similar to espresso.


This is the most common preparation method of coffee in the United States. It can also lead to an extremely consistent cup of coffee if the right model is used. The consistency among higher end models, such as the Bunn home brewer series, reduce the number of variables in the equation and allow you to make minor adjustments to the size of your grind or ground coffee weight so that you can really dial in the cup that’s perfect for your palate.

Drip preparation is automated and is generally well known. Even still, there are variables that can greatly change the quality of your beverage. We’ll share some tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years in upcoming posts.

French Press

A french press, also often called a press pot, is a simple way to brew coffee using what is essentially a beaker with a filtered plunger. You pour hot water over your coffee grinds and allow it to steep for a few minutes.

Then, you press the filtered plunger down to separate your grinds. French press coffee has more of a medium body. It is not as rich as espresso but usually much more so than drip coffee. French press prepared coffee often intensifies aroma and flavor, and it is a very popular way to brew single estate coffee beans.



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