If you already grind and brew your own gourmet coffee, then you know the high level of quality that you can enjoy by doing things for yourself with your morning brew.

But were you aware that you can enrich your coffee experience much further by changing to single estate coffee? If you have not yet done so, we would like to persuade you to give single estate coffee a try.

Acquiring all of your coffee beans from one highly respected coffee estate can greatly enhance the coffee drinking experience. Many coffee conniseurs say that purchasing single estate coffee can enrich your coffee experience in the same way your wine drinking experience is enriched by purchasing from only the highest quality vineyards.

Single Estate and Single Origin

The very best coffee you can purchase is single estate coffee. This means that the all of the coffee beans in your order were grown in the exact same location or estate. The advantage of single estate coffee beans is that it allows the expert coffee bean grower to develop a highly unique profile of flavor, and to specialize each type of coffee flavor with expert care and precision.

The quality and consistency of the best single estate coffee has to be tasted to be believed.

Another way to source coffee is referred to as single origin, which means that the coffee beans in the order are grown in a specific area, if not all in the exact same estate. All of the coffee beans will have similar characteristics. T

Why Single Estate Coffee?

Having all of the exact same quality coffee beans in your coffee order means that every single bean is of the exact same quality and taste profile.

Most coffee beans that are sold in stores are blends. This means that only a small fraction of the beans are of the highest quality. They are mixed in with low quality beans, which will of course sacrifice the taste and smoothness of your coffee.

For example, you might see a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Blend at the grocery store. This brand uses the Jamaican Blue Mountain name to boost the price of some very mediocre beans. If that blend were actually a single estate coffee, the taste profile would be absolutely superb and far superior to the blend offered in a grocery store.

The most demanding coffee conniseur should insist upon drinking only true single estate coffee for the absolute best flavor and smoothness, such as Bean Bros.


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