If you are like millions of Americans, you drink coffee every day; it is part of your daily routine. Below are some of the most common questions we have received about coffee:

What’s the best temperature for brewing coffee? 

There are a variety of recommendations based upon the different brewing methods. However, the Specialty Coffee Association of America or SCAA recommends a water temperature for brewing coffee at 198-205 degrees F.

What is the difference between robusta and arabica coffee beans? 

Robusta and arabic coffee beans are two types of coffee that have very different flavor. Robusta beans have a stronger flavor and are much more acidd. Arabica beans tend to be sweeter and less acidic.

In the US, the vast majority of coffee drinkers prefer arabica coffee beans. However, you should be aware that robusta coffee beans are cheaper for companies to buy because it is more bitter. These beans are often used as filler or cost reducer.

This is a good reason to avoid buying regular coffee beans in grocery stores and regular coffee shops such as Starbucks. In most cases, those coffee beans are a mixture of coffee beans from around the world. This produces marginal flavor and poor quality.

For true coffee lovers, we recommend that you only purchase single origin or, even better, single estate coffee beans. Single origin coffee beans come from one geographic location, which makes for better bean quality and flavor. But the ultimate in coffee flavor comes from single estate coffee beans. These beans have been specifically grown to produce a specfic flavor profile.

What is the ideal ratio between ground coffee and water when you brew? 

This really depends upon how strong you like your coffee to be. But many experts recommend two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water.

What is light, medium and dark roats?

A light roast is light brown in color and has a low amount of oil on the bean. Light roasts are the most acidic. Medium roasts are more medium in color and have some oil on the bean. Dark roasts are dark brown and even black in color and have a high amount of oil on the bean.

Dark roasts are the boldest and richest in flavor.

For coffee drinkers who want the best and richest flavor, we recommend that you find a good single estate coffee grower. Single estate coffee always will produce the best, most intense coffee flavors in your daily cup.

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