Guatemala SHB El Tesoro


12oz. Whole Bean Coffee



Cupping Notes:
“Sweet, delicate, clean, nuanced … all the classical qualities of a Central. Being “classic” doesn’t make it easy to disect the flavor profile: it is one of those “coffee-flavored coffees”, an inscrutabley balanced cup that can, at first, leave me pleased but without a word to explain exactly why!!! The fragrance is florally sweet, outlined with a bit of hazelnut and butter. I could write and emphatic “ditto” for the wet aroma, which is unique in itself because usually there is a shift from dry aromatic qualities to wet. But it is very much “sweet, floral, nut, and soft creamy sweetness (i.e. fresh butter). Cup flavors are mild and balanced, with City roast having the softest cup flavors, floral, pecan nut, medium body, clean disappearing aftertaste with a sage herbal suggestion. It’s a gentle coffee. I guess that’s why I like the heavier roast on this a bit more; a hearty, thicker and sharper flavor profile emerges.

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